Short Courses and Adult Classes in Brisbane Queensland Australia

Short Courses & Adult Classes in Brisbane and Queensland

Have fun, meet new people and learn new skills with these short courses for cooking, art, dance, sport and much more.

We list courses available through several companies. Some courses have dates available and where possible, we include these on our monthly course pages, for others you need to buy a voucher for the course and organise a date when you redeem your voucher.

  • Domore connects thousands of teachers and courses of any subject with thousands of students. Some course listings have dates and you can book online; others have the option to make an enquiry.
  • Online Courses – being online means that you can study even if your location or commitments make attending schools and colleges difficult.

You’ll find listings of courses from all these companies on the following pages as well as some on the relevant What’s On in each month page..

Short Courses & Adult Class Listings by Category

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