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There are two major booking systems for New Zealand hotels: Booking.com and Wotif.com.  The main difference is in the payment model – pay the hotel when you stay or pay upfront. Many hotels are on both. Both have special deals so it can be worth checking them both out to find which fits your needs for each particular stay.

Booking.com New Zealand (up to 12 months ahead)

Booking.com  you can book weeks or months ahead to get best choice of accommodation in New Zealand and around the world, especially in busy school holiday seasons, Christmas, New Year and for special events. Guest reviews. Booking.com charges no booking fees. You pay the hotel when you stay.

Wotif.com New Zealand Hotels (up to 6 months ahead)

Wotif.com last minute bookings – Check availability and get instant confirmation for bookings up to 6 months ahead for hotels, motels, cottages, B&Bs, caravan parks and budget accommodation. Wotif.com have a 24/7 customer service centre in Brisbane, Australia

North Island

South Island

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