Disability Services in Perth & Western Australia

Disability Services and Information Perth & WA

  • Activ Foundation Inc – A not-for-profit organisation dedicated to promoting a better life by providing a range of choices and opportunities for people with disability and their families living and working in the community.
  • Aged and Community Services WA  – Provides Meals on Wheels services.
  • Association for the Blind of WA (Guide Dogs WA)
  • Autism Association of Western Australia Inc advances the personal development, equality of opportunity and community participation of people with autism.
  • Better Hearing Australia (WA Branch) Inc – Preserves hearing, prevents deafness and provides assistance to adults with a hearing loss
  • Bayswater Extended Community Help Organisation (ECH)O) provides services to enable the frail-aged and disabled people of all ages in the City of Bayswater to stay in their own homes. Assessments are carried out and appropriate home help is offered.
  • The Centre for Cerebral Palsy: The Centre for Cerebral Palsy is a charity, providing services and support to more than 1000 people living with cerebral palsy and their families throughout WA. Our vision is for a community where all people freely exercise choice. We aim to achieve this by providing a range of quality services and promoting choice in order to address the unique needs of the people that we work with. These services include physiotherapy, speech pathology, occupational therapy, social work, psychology, early education, respite, health promotion, employment, alternatives to employment, accommodation support and recreation.
  • Creative & Therapy Activities (C.A.T.A.) Group Inc Improves the quality of life for people with disabilities and the frail-aged by offering programs which act as a stepping stone from being house-bound to being involved in the community. Provides a social outlet via activities and outings, respite camps and day-care. Also provides support and a break for carers.
  • Chromosome 18 Registry and Research Society (Australasia) – The Contact point for families and individuals affected by Chromosome 18 disorders. Provides information, research and group/social meetings.
  • Citizen Advocacy Perth West is a program which aims to recognise, promote and defend the rights and interests of people with intellectual disability. It does so by finding and supporting ordinary, caring, responsible citizens who are prepared voluntarily to make a positive difference in the life of a person with an intellectual disability, who has no family and therefore may be vulnerable, be facing difficult challenges or be at risk.
  • Citizen Advocacy South Metropolitan is an agency which finds volunteer advocates for people with a disability, who may be at risk, vulnerable and in need of ongoing support. We also provide an individual advocacy service through the office for people with a disability who need assistance with short term advocacy issues and who don’t require a long term advocate.
  • Continence Advisory Service provides free advice, information, advocacy, counselling, professional services and education on bladder and bowel control problems. Promotes community awareness of bladder and bowel health issues, including incontinence
  • Defence Special Needs Support Group (DSNSG) provides support, information and assistance to all defence families who have a dependant with special needs and works to develop and improve the services available to those families.
  • Developmental Disability Council of WA Inc through direct action and action through its members, seeks to make available to people with developmental disability, the same life opportunities as are available to other Australian citizens.
  • Disability Discrimination Unit offers free legal advice and representation and community legal education to people with disabilities, their families and friends who experience disability-based discrimination.
  • Disability Services Commission – Support, access to services and supporting the rights of people with disabilities.
  • Down Syndrome Association of WA
  • Dyslexia-SPELD Foundation WA Inc offers a range of services and family support throughout Western Australia to enable children and adults with specific learning disabilities to realise their greatest potential
  • Edge Employment Solutions Inc provides assistance to people with a disability who require support to locate, secure and maintain employment.
  • Equal Opportunity Commission of Western Australia – can help if you’ve been discriminated against in employment, education and many other areas.
  • Elba Incorporated offers services to enable people with disabilities to live independently in their own homes with dignity. Services include 24 hours access, home visits, liaison with government departments, professional services, library resources and a newsletter.
  • Ethnic Disability Advocacy Centre provides advocacy and information to ensure that ethnic people with disabilities and their carers gain equitable access to a range of services provided by the government and non-government agencies. Encourages service agencies to be responsive to both cultural and linguistic needs of their clients.
  • Good Samaritan Industries (GSI) provides employment services and opportunities to people with a disability in Western Australia.
  • Hills Community Support Group Inc offers a caring community service for frail older people, people with disabilities, carers and youth who need support, assistance, advice and encouragement in their daily lives.
  • Hills Support Group for Women with Physical Disabilities provides friendship, socialisation, information and education for women with physical disabilities in the eastern metropolitan region. Meetings are held fortnightly.
  • Headwest – Brain Injury Association WA Inc provides an individual advocacy service that assists people with an acquired brain injury (ABI). Also assists families and/or carers to address particular issues or problems. Also provides community education and systemic advocacy.
  • Human Rights and Equal Opportunities Commission (HREOC)
  • I.d.entity WA Works to maximise the well-being, potential and quality of life of people with intellectual disabilities, in particular, those with high support needs and/or expressed spiritual needs.
  • Independent Living Centre of Western Australia – Non-government, not-for-profit, community based equipment information and advisory resource service.
  • The Kalparrin Centre – Parents of Children with Disabilities Inc provides practical and emotional support for families of children with special needs in order to assist them in achieving a better quality of life.
  • Kids Are Kids! Therapy & Education Centre Inc. provides specialised speech pathology occupational therapy and physiotherapy services to children aged 0 – 13 years. There is also a government funded early intervention service for children aged 0 – 6 years who have a disability. We run individual and group sessions and parent workshops.
  • Learning & Attentional Disorders Society of WA Inc (LADS) provides support, information and advocacy for adults and children with ADHD and associated learning conditions.
  • Motor Neurone Disease Association of WA Inc raises awareness of Motor Neurone Disease and ensures carers, family members and MND sufferers have access to the resources required to maximise their lifestyles. Also provides information and education to professionals and the wider community.
  • Multiple Sclerosis Society of WA provides information, support and services for people with MS, their families and carers living in WA
  • Muscular Dystrophy Association of WA Inc helps to relieve sickness, suffering and distress occasioned through muscular dystrophy and allied diseases. Provides counselling, advocacy and patient support services.
  • Nedlands Community Care assists the elderly to stay in their own home should they wish to do so.
  • Neuromuscular Support Group provides mutual support for persons suffering from neuromuscular diseases and their families. Also provides information on research and changes in the Disability Services Act.
  • Nulsen Haven Association – a not-for-profit organisation that provides 24 hour support to West Australians with profound and severe intellectual disabilities.
  • Parkinson’s Western Australia provides support and information to people with Parkinson’s and their families, helps to raise the awareness of Parkinson’s Disease in the community and to educate health professionals.
  • People 1st Programme (PIP) supports people with an intellectual disability in human relationships by providing a range of possible options for participation in appropriately and dynamically structured educational sessions and activities.
  • People with Disabilities WA (PWDWA) Inc advocates and represents the needs, rights and equality of all West Australians. Promotes advocacy to individuals, information and referral, lobbying, community education and disability awareness.
  • PEP Community Services works to maximise the participation and status of people with disabilities and other disadvantages in open and/or competitive employment, regardless of the nature or extent of that disability or disadvantage.
  • Physical Disability Council of Australia Ltd (PDCA) PDCA is run entirely by people with physical disabilities, for people with physical disabilities. It does not discriminate on the basis of disability, nor does PDCA determine what a physical disability is. PDCA operates under an inclusion policy and offers membership and/or services to any person with a disability who seeks our support.
  • Planned Individual Networks is a not-for-profit organisation created by families to help support families plan and create a fulfilling future for their relative with a disability. PIN is a unique, family led organisation operating in Perth, WA.
  • Post Polio Network of WA Inc offers support and information for polio survivors and their families as they cope with the late effects of polio and ageing with a long term disability. Support is also offered to people with muscle or nerve type diseases.
  • Recreation and Sport Network provides information and support to people with disabilities who want to become involved in community recreation and sport.
  • Resource Unit for Children with Special Needs Inc (RUCSN) provides direct support services, resources and training to help care-givers, parents, families and students to understand and meet the needs of children with a wide range of additional needs.
  • SECCA (Sexuality Education Counselling & Consultancy Agency) provides a tailored, flexible and responsive service to people with disabilities, their families, carers and others around issues of sexuality, relationships and sexual health. Services include information and advice, educational services, library resources, training workshops/seminars, audio visual material, and counselling.
  • Senses Foundation Inc – primary service provider and advocate for people who are deaf/blind or blind with another significant disability.
  • Southern District Support Association Inc assists people living within the Perth south-east corridor to remain in their own homes for as long as they wish, to prevent inappropriate placement in hostels and nursing homes.
  • Speech WA – The Society to Promote Essential Education for Children with Communication Handicaps.
  • Technology Assisting Disability WA Inc (TADWA) provides services to improve the quality of life for people with disabilities, the frail-aged and those caring for them, through the application of technology and skills of volunteers. Services include modified/adaptive equipment and technology, home visits and advocacy.
  • Therapy Focus works with families, schools and the community to support children in reaching their potential. Our multi-disciplinary therapists help children learn to walk, communicate and participate in the community.
  • Volunteer Task Force provides practical assistance to the aged, those with disabilities and their carers to enable them to live independently in their homes.
  • WA Stroke Foundation Inc offers support, information and continuing education to stroke survivors and their families. Services include information and advice, support and fellowship.
  • Wheelchair Sports WA Association Inc runs events, training and competitions for Wheelchair Sports WA members to assist athletes to reach their full potential.
  • Western Australian Deaf Society Inc provides education, employment, information and support services to deaf and hard of hearing people.
  • Western Australian Speak Easy Association Inc offers support, information and advocacy for parents and all people who stutter. Groups meet regularly to work on fluency techniques, discuss individual stuttering problems and develop self-confidence.
  • Workability Employment Strategies – Securing long term, meaningful employment for people with disabilities.
  • Australian Huntingtons Disease Association of  (WA) is a non profit organisation formed to provide support to the Huntingtons community
  • National Disability Services (NDS) is the National Industry Association for Disability Services. ACROD’s membership includes over 550 non-government, non-profit organisations, which collectively operate several thousand services for Australians with all types of disabilities, including intellectual, physical, psychiatric and sensory. NDS’s members are located in every State and Territory in Australia and range in size from very small support groups to very large service providers.


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