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BadBacks Shop Details

Bad Backs – Back care products Australia

Back care products and ergonomic furniture to help improve posture and relieve back pain.
Bad Backs has 100s of pain relief products, including zero gravity chairs, lumbar and lower back supports, seat cushions, pillows, magnetic therapy, massagers, maternity supports, office furniture, sleeping aides, sports supports, fitness products, inversion tables and more. Plus the latest articles, extensive medical section and therapies information, free newsletter and dedicated customer service.

Bad Backs is based in Melbourne with showrooms in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth. They deliver Australia-wide and to New Zealand and Asia.

  • Ergonomic Seating
    for comfort and improved productivity.
    Chair and Seat Cushions, Workstation Accessories,
    Office & Home Office Seating and
    Zero Gravity Recliners
  • Saddle seats make great practical gifts for home office, musicians, artists and hobbyists.
  • Exercise & Inversion Tables Underused, out of shape or injured muscles, joints and ligaments may contribute to your back pain
    • Pilates, Yoga & Mind Body balls, cushions and mats
    • Inversion Tables – Inversion elongates the spine, increasing the space between the vertebrae, which relieves the pressure on discs, ligaments and
      nerve roots. Inverting is the most effective posture that allows your
      discs to recover from the constant pressure placed on them during your
      daily activities.
    • Exercise & Rehab Products
    • Core Stability
  • Braces, Belts & Supports orthopaedic products designed to provide support and tension where you need it most – enabling you to enjoy a
    better quality of life. You’ll find supports for

    • Shoulder and posture supports – to assist with poor posture, rounded shoulders and upper back pain
    • Back supports – diverse range of products all made from high quality materials to assist with comfort, relief of pain and healing.
    • Ankle & Foot supports – the ultimate in ankle injury prevention and management
    • Elbow supports designed to support the elbow joint and its ligaments, muscles and tendons.
    • Full body – Klass Vaki Full Body Support and a Spine Reliever Body Pillow
    • Knee supports – ranging from basic compression to protection. All made from orthopaedic quality elastics, rigid materials and thermal fabrics to assist with protection and healing
    • Neck supports – Inflatable travel pillow, cervical collars and a shaped neck heat pack
    • Wrist and hand supports ranging from the most basic ergonomic support to splinting and other components.
    • Lumbar Support
  • Computer Desks & Workstations from Bad Backs A unique range of ergonomic products for home
    offices or at work
    . Featuring zero gravity recliners and laptop tables, ergonomic keyboard , adjustable sit-stand desks and workstations, arm supports, adjustable monitor supports and arm rests, to allow you to work pain free for longer and in more comfort. Bad Backs offers Chair and Seat Cushions,Workstation Accessories, Office & Home Office Seating and Zero Gravity Recliners.
  • Foot Health a range of products to choose from including arch supports and insoles and orthotic shoes Also has beneficial products for bunions.
  • Lafuma Zero Gravity Recliners Treat yourself to the latest in outdoor lounges with the Lafuma Recliner Chair, giving you both ergonomic comfort and sleek continental style.
  • Hot & Cold Therapy Join the many connoisseurs of comfort who enjoy the therapeutic benefits of hot and cold packs for muscle pain relief, back aches, sore joints, arthritis, headaches and migraines. The range includes wheat bags, hot and cold packs, cold compression therapy and hot and cold therapy.
  • Kneeling Chairs is a specialty store with Bad Backs’ security and full customer service but a special focus on kneeling chairs. Read their article which answers questions about which kneeling chair is right for you. The Bad Backs Kneeling Chairs collection includes the latest chairs from quality brands: Variér®, Backsaver, Jobri, Wellback and Physioflex
  • Lumbar Supports & Pillows to provide everyday therapeutic support and blissful comfort.
    • Chair & Seat Cushions
    • Bed Rests & Leg Support Wedges
    • Pillows
  • Magnetic Therapy popular Australian brand Best Friend Magnetic Products plus top US brandsprovide an even greater choice in different strength, quality magnetic products.
  • Massage – one of the most effective and important forms of relaxation and sports medicine available to ancient civilizations, and still is today. Treat yourself with this fabulous massage chair or one of many hand-held massagers, electric body massagers and massage tables and chairs.
  • Pain Relief Gels & Creams say goodbye to all those ‘ouches’ and treat yourself and your family to the soothing feeling of pain relieving gels and creams
  • Sleeping Bad Backs diverse range of therapeutic products is just what you need to achieve a restful night’s sleep, including memory foam pillows and our new super memory mattress toppers, a heat sensitive foam overlay that conforms to the shape of your body. Bad Backs offers sleeping pillows,full body therapy supports, hot packs and insomnia relief, magnetic therapy, mattress toppers and overlays, mattresses and adjustable beds, bed rests and leg supports and travel pillows.
  • Outdoors Bad Backs offers a range of products to suit the outdoor environment including zero gravity recliners, back and seat support and travel, neck and sleeping items.
  • Sports – You don’t have to be an elite athlete to know the pain and frustration of a sports-related injury. Bad Backs diverse range of products are specifically designed to relieve pain and promote fast healing of such injuries as sprains, strains, muscle spasms, and other sports-related injuries. The range includes various supports, exercise and rehabilitation, pain relief gels and creams, hot and cold packs and foot health.
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