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Here we list many sources of national news, opinion and analysis of varying quality and political flavours.

Australian ABC National Broadcaster

Independent Australian News & Current Affairs

  • Guardian Australia Independence means we can pursue a story without fear of where it might take us. We can expose corruption or foul play wherever we find it
  • The Saturday Paper is a weekly newspaper, published 48 times a year by Schwartz Media. There is a print edition in Canberra, Sydney and Melbourne, with option of subscribing to digital only or print+digital. It offers news, culture, and analysis, with a particular focus on Australia.
  • The Monthly commentary and vigorous, sometimes controversial, debate on the issues that impact the nation.
  • InQueensland writing about politics, business, arts and culture
  • Sydney Morning Herald  | The
  • The Australian (News Limited) paywall
  • The Australian Financial Review (Fairfax) paywall
  • 7.30 Report from the ABC television program includes transcripts of interviews
  • Behind the News – background to the news from the ABC television program – intended for school students but suitable for anyone
  • 4 Corners Australian current affairs program from the ABC.
  • Independent Australia is a progressive journal focusing on politics, democracy, the environment, Australian history and Australian identity. It contains news and opinion from Australia and around the world. IA supports quality investigative journalism, as well as citizen journalism and a diversity of voices. It believes Australians are short-changed by the mass media and and so it dedicates itself to seeking out the truth and informing the public.
  • RAMP UP – DISABILITY . DISCUSSION . DEBATE – news, opinion and blogs about disability from the ABC. In 2014, the site lost funding and is no longer being updated but remains online as an archive of three and a half years of discussions and conversations regarding disability in Australia.
  • Community Broadcasting in Australia is made up of over 350 independent, non-profit, community based broadcasting outlets. These include radio and television stations and remote Indigenous services.
  • The Big Issue is a fortnightly current affairs and entertainment magazine that is sold on the streets of towns and cities throughout Australia by people experiencing homelessness or long-term unemployment. Vendors keep half of the cover price ($4) of every magazine they sell. It is the magazine that helps people help themselves. It is also Australia's fastest growing magazine with readership now at 153,000 readers
  • The Conversation Launched in March 2011, The Conversation is an independent source of information, analysis and commentary from the university and research sector. Publication is restricted to those within academia.
  • is a daily subscription email crammed with the latest news, analysis, juicy gossip, reviews, rumours, links and prescient tips. It arrives in subscribers' inboxes every week day at lunchtime.
  • Link is a national cross-disability magazine, featuring opinions and perspectives directly from people with a disability. Link covers a diverse range of topics including news, issues, art, sport, breakthroughs, travel, health, advocacy, products and people in the disability sector
  • The New Daily is an online-only mainstream news site funded by the superannuation industry.
  • No Fibs a citizen journalism website in the tradition of one of the first, Margo Kingston’s Webdiary.
  • New Matilda is an online magazine and policy portal and provides an independent media voice, delivering accessible, informed comment on significant issues in Australia and abroad.
  • Green Left Weekly Australia's radical weekly newspaper.

Important National Issues

  • The Climate Council is an independent non-profit organisation funded by donations by the public to replace the Climate Commission which was disbanded by the Abbott government. Their mission is to continue to provide authoritative, expert advice to the Australian public on climate change.
  • PS News– Independent News for the Public Service is an online newspaper packed with news and other information designed to inform, entertain and challenge the professional staff of public sector organisations around the nation. PS News is totally independent of Government, union or political influence and is compiled and updated by journalists in Canberra and other capital cities.
  • The Stringer is an independent online news site, delivering free-to-access independent news to readers daily. It includes many stories on social justice and disadvantaged groups who are ignored by mainstream media.

International News

Information for Journalists, Citizen Journalists & Readers

  • SourceWatch, this collaborative resource for citizens and journalists looking for documented information about the corporations, industries, and people trying to influence public policy and public opinion.
  • PRwatch from Center for Media and Democracy (USA)

Information on Refugees and Asylum Seekers

New Zealand National Broadcaster

  • TVNZ New Zealand crown owned broadcaster, revenue comes from advertising. See their news, and ad-free channel for children, HEIHEI

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