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Brisbane Social Groups

  • Brisbane City Chess – If Brisbane is a ‘World City’ then why is it near impossible to find a game of chess in the CBD? Chess is an unsurpassed ‘leveler’ which has remained constant for over 1500 years, not caring for your age, sex or station in life. Let’s get a social chess movement rolling in Brisbane!
  • BrisBears is a brotherhood of gay men who openly challenge the stereotypical image of the male ideal, men who are defiantly and aggressively uninterested in society’s perception of gay men as hyper-thin, hairless, fashion victims, who instead celebrate the fact that they are sometimes large, less than perfect and never shave their body hair. Bears also share a broader and richer connection with their bodies, with nature and with spirit.
  • Brisbane Ukulele Musicians Society (B.U.M.S.) is a casual gathering of ukulele players, from beginners to advanced to people who just appreciate the joy of uke!
  • Dabblers Social Club A Social Club for men and women. Dabblers enjoy social activities and recreation arranged by individual members. The variety of our activities is unlimited and new members are always welcome.
  • The Partners of Veterans Association of Australia Inc social, support and interest group.
  • Qld Vegetarian/Vegan Society holds regular get togethers for lunch or dinner. Membership entitles you to 4 copies of the New Vegetarian and Natural Health magazine, 4 copies of the Qld newsletter, discounts and a lending library.
  • Meetup.  You’ll find lots of groups with all sorts of common interests in your area on meetup. If you can’t find a group, you can always start one.
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