Brisbane Schools and Education in Brisbane Queensland Australia

Education and Schools in Brisbane

Brisbane has a wide range of educational and training facilities for all ages.

Queensland children normally begin school in the year of their 6th birthday. Most attend state or independent schools. Others study by distance education and some families choose home-schooling. Queensland's new Preparatory Year replaced preschool from 2007 and the starting age for Year 1 increased by six months from 2008.

There are several universities in Brisbane, TAFE colleges offering technical and vocational training and private training institutions. Many international students choose to study at Brisbane universities and ELICOS centres.

Adults choosing to return to education, can study for Senior examinations at night classes or by distance education. However, it is also possible to gain entry with a combination of experience and an aptitude test.

For those who simply want to attend a course for fun or interest, there are a wide variety of short courses available at major colleges and locally. Many schools have community education programs for general interest and craft courses.

Grade Approx Age Type of institution Preschool 4-5

Primary 5-13

Secondary 12-18

Tertiary approx 16-adult