Environment & Climate Change Groups

Groups working to protect the environment and advocate for action on climate change.

Backyard Buddies is a free education initiative run by the Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife. It gives you simple tips to transform your backyard into a safe and inviting habitat haven. Backyard Buddies are the...

 Environment & Climate Change Action, Volunteer Groups and Opportunities

Helps you design your backyard for a wildlife-friendly environment.

 Environment & Climate Change Action

Gardens for Wildlife Victoria is a network of community groups and councils in townships and urban areas supporting each other to involve local residents, schools and businesses to join us in caring for the native...

 Environment & Climate Change Action

Sunday, 1 August 2021 is National Tree Day. Friday 30 July 2021 is Schools Tree Day. The act of planting one small tree can have a BIG impact.   National Tree Day started in 1996 and...

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Website promoting the idea of using verge gardens as wildlife corridors throughout cities and suburbs to increase habitat, help tackle urban heat effect and increase walkability. W: www.naturestrips.com.au F: @naturestrips.com.au The website includes a directory...

 Environment & Climate Change Action

Wildlife rescue for orphaned, sick and injured native animals. The website also has wildlife facts and how to create a garden for wildlife.

 Environment & Climate Change Action

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