Crystal Waters documentary launch in Brisbane 15 June 2019

“Crystal Waters – 30 Years On” – Documentary Launch & Discussions
7pm Sat. 15 June 2019
Northey Street City Farm, Brisbane
16 Victoria Street Windsor, QLD 4101
(Media Conference at 5.30pm)


Please join us for a MEDIA CONFERENCE and LAUNCH of a new documentary “Crystal Waters – 30 Years On” to be held at a community garden, Northey Street City Farm, Brisbane – celebrating the past, present and future of the world's first permaculture ecovillage. We will also have a DISCUSSION on “Building Community and Permaculture in Practice”.

Special guest speakers are Permaculture Education Institute author and educator, Morag Gamble and social permaculture specialist, Robin Clayfield – moderated by filmmaker, Michael Ney. Also, in the Media Conference at 5.30pm, we will have the Networking Director for the Global Ecovillage Network (GEN), Trudy Juriansz updating us on global developments of ecovillages.

MEDIA EVENT starts at 5.30pm, ends 6.30pm (doors open with food and drinks at 5pm)
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Discussion starts at 7pm (doors open 6.30pm)

“Crystal Waters – 30 Years On” documentary starts at 7.30pm

Audience Q&A and discussion at 9pm.

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Crystal Waters – 30 Years On

In 2018, Crystal Waters, the world's first permaculture designed settlement, celebrated their 30th Anniversary since gaining legal recognition of their community. A documentary has been produced to celebrate the past, present and future of “the world's first permaculture ecovillage”.

The diverse community of Crystal Waters Permaculture EcoVillage have had many successes over the years to rejoice over, along with some lessons from the past to learn from. While the community enjoys sharing seasonal abundances, many acknowledge that greater use could be made of people's diverse skills, and also of the land. Many of these challenges are currently being faced within the community, “It's a wonderful experiment”, says Bernard O'Scanaill, a musician who coordinates the frequently held Music Nights.

Bordering the Mary River, near Maleny, South East Queensland, the 640 acre property was donated by Bob Sample to enable pioneers to experiment with permaculture and is deemed to be the world's first village to be designed according to permaculture landscape principles. Permaculture works with nature to produce a more sustainable environment and productive agriculture. An ecovillage is an ecological settlement where business, agriculture and human activity are designed to integrate with the natural surroundings.

Bob Sample, the original land owner in 1977, and Robin Clayfield, an early settler of the new community in 1988, uncover the story of the village unfolding, aided by recollections from early residents, Annie Wall, Regine Ruppelt and others. Dean Cameron introduces the initial site works and shaping of the land with roads and dams according to a village scale permaculture design. Jan Freyee, a builder since the start of the community, introduces some alternative building methods used in the village.

This feature documentary takes a look behind the scenes exploring some notable gardens, planted forests and much loved regenerated areas, as well as successful cash crops and a variety of businesses. Amy Jansen, Crystal Waters land manager, and Morag Gamble, resident and permaculture educator, explore the importance of riparian zones. Graeme Harpley introduces us to Dooja Dell – a bush regeneration project he's managed for many years.

Living a healthy lifestyle in a nature reserve over 200 residents enjoy clean water, air, soil, abundant nature, luscious dams and the opportunity to participate in many diverse activities to enrich their lives.

Artistic expression of all sorts, especially music, is also a highlight. Visitors have a choice of camping or caravan sites, bunkhouse or a cabin at The Eco Park. Other accommodation is available at The Dream Plant and a few homes too, and many WWOOFERS stay actively engaged for weeks or even months.

Recipient of a UN Habitat Award in 1996, Crystal Waters is known worldwide for its permaculture setting and educational courses. Author and facilitator, Robin Clayfield, holds regular Dynamic Group workshops, Teacher Trainings and importantly, Social Permaculture, applying permaculture principles towards social change.

Max Lindegger, one of the original designers of the village, leads the teaching team for the Permaculture Design Course held over two weeks at Crystal Waters. Max points out that while agricultural use of the land has been limited so far, muses… “It's not too late”, and the rich soil, especially around the dams, is ready for productive use.

Permaculture related education is prominent. For example Morag Gamble and her family conduct tours of Crystal Waters and offers permaculture courses. These courses are available both online and in person, in various locations locally and globally. Also, Barry O'Connell, Robin Clayfield, and Tom Nealson each do tours focusing on different aspects of Crystal Waters.

This documentary is timely in a world seeking solutions to climate change and healthy living and yet such a brief presentation providing a behind-the-scenes snapshot of Crystal Waters simply cannot fully investigate the many complexities of a continually changing and growing community.

Ever since the inception of Crystal Waters community, the people who have chosen to be a part of it have always had to face the many challenges that rise up within any community. Crystal Waters folk from all their diverse perspectives manage to return always to the guiding principles embedded within the concept and philosophy of Permaculture.


“This portrait of Crystal Waters is full of genuine people and reflects the diverse things we can all offer in community life. I really enjoyed seeing the range of ages and people from all different countries who are brought together through their passion for Crystal Waters. The historical footage was a great addition. This film is thoughtfully balanced and provides a window into a unique community. I recommend it!” – Claire Ogden, Eco Villages Australia -*

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