After observing the transit of Venus in Tahiti, the Endeavour sails on through uncharted waters, racked by tension between Joseph Banks, who believes that a Southern Continent lies between South America and New Zealand, and Cook, who does not. Cook makes important discoveries in New Zealand and Australia, survives disaster on the Great Barrier Reef, and nurses his damaged ship to Batavia.

Throughout the voyage, obeying secret orders, Cook hides all his strategic discoveries. With a detective’s instinct, the forensic skill of a lawyer, and an eye for engaging detail, Cameron-Ash re-examines Cook’s original journals and charts with all their erasures, additions, omissions and fabrications.

Richly illustrated with maps, portraits, ships, and landscapes, Lying for the Admiralty is a cartographical thriller that reveals Cook in a fresh light.

About Margaret Cameron-Ash

Margaret Cameron-Ash is a lawyer, a former visiting fellow at the University of NSW and the author of Supreme and District Courts Practice (1982, Law Book Co). After working and lecturing as a lawyer in Sydney and London, she widened her area of research to include early Australian history, with a special interest in cartography. She has published numerous papers about Captain Cook.

When: Wednesday, 4 September 2019, 12:30pm – 1:30pm

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