What Scientists and Philosophers Need to Talk About in Sydney

Science used to be ‘natural philosophy’; but the scientific revolution of the 16th and 17th centuries saw a parting of ways.

Today, both disciplines can claim significant achievements, for both new technologies and improved understanding, but they trouble each other – and the result is unfortunate.

Following on from his lecture, Scientists & Philosophers… Need to Talk! earlier in 2019, Tibor Molnar presents Part 2 of the series, exploring some of the issues Scientists and Philosophers need to chat about.

About Tibor Molnar
Tibor Molnar is an Honorary Associate of the Department of Philosophy, University of Sydney, where he has been teaching adult education classes in Philosophy of Science since 2005. A polymath dabbling in physics, neuroscience, AI and philosophy, he is currently engaged in unravelling the mysteries of quantum mechanics.

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