Improv Acting Class - Foundations 1: Improv Fundamentals

Anyone can improvise and Big Fork Theatre's Improv Fundamentals is the perfect place to start!  This course is designed to introduce you to Big Fork Theatre's style of improvised comedy.  No previous acting or improv experience is required to participate.

In Improv Fundamentals you will be encouraged to explore your creativity, build your confidence and have fun whilst developing the basic skills of improvisation.  Big Fork Theatre's teachers have years of experience and are excited to help you start your improv journey.

Improv Fundamentals focuses on the basic tenets of scenic improvisation and is the first class in our Improv Foundations program.

Specific skills and topics covered: 

  • “Yes, and”

  • Listening

  • Creating a character

  • Supporting your scene partner and the performance

  • Object /Environment work (mime)

  • Introductory long-form improvisation techniques.

This course meets for 6 sessions that are each 3 hours long. There will be a graduation show at the end of the course. Once graduated, students are invited to join our regular improv jams.

Term 4 has two different intakes on Thursday evenings (New Farm Community Hall) and Sunday afternoons (Jeays St Community Centre, Bowen Hills).

Why take an improv class?

Improv is for everyone. It doesn't matter how experienced or inexperienced you are as a performer Big Fork Theatre's classes are designed to benefit everyone. Our classes focus on developing your listening skills, stage confidence and team work.

Big Fork Theatre's improvisational classes are beneficial for actors and comedians looking to add a new skill set to their performing repertoire. Improv is becoming increasingly desired when casting and can help performers adjust to any situation whether it be during an audition or in the rehearsal room.

Improvisation is an excellent way to improve your communication skills and confidence when speaking in public.

About Big Fork Theatre

Big Fork Theatre is dedicated to long form improvisation in the Chicago and New York style, as made famous by Tina Fey, Amy Poehler and Mike Meyers.  Big Fork primarily focuses on comedic improvisation.

Big Fork's teachers have many years experience both in teaching and performing, many of whom have traveled around the world to learn from some of the best improv teachers there are.  Our teachers are committed to creating a fun and enriching environment to learn in and grow the Brisbane improvisational community.


We will be conducting our classes in line with the latest social distancing guidelines and restrictions for COVID 19. Students will be informed of any changes that may affect this class. It is expected that students will follow the teacher's instructions on social distancing and will not come to class when sick. 

More details

New Farm Community Centre - Thursdays Jeays St Community Centre, Bowen Hills - Sundays *****

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