The Shady Lanes Project

  • Region : Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia, Tasmania, North Territory, Australian Capital Territory

The Shady Lanes Project extends verge gardening from the realm of gardening enthusiasts to make verge gardens like this “the new normal”, cooling our cities and suburbs, creating walkable streets, building community.

How it could be

How it could be

  • Cooler streets to reduce urban heat (and air-conditioning bills)
  • Walkable streets with physical and mental health benefits
  • Local, meaningful jobs
  • Community pride and participation

Many councils have already got the policies in place to allow ratepayers and residents to convert their verges. A few councils are proactively encouraging residents to adopt verges and transform them to help cool our cities.

All that has to change is the way we think about it.

Individual verge gardens + funded verge gardens + sponsored verge gardens = maximum coverage in the shortest time

Read more about Problems & SolutionsGuiding Principles, and Stakeholders. For tips on planting out your own verge, see how I did it on my site

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