Jervis Bay on the South Coast, NSW, Australia

Jervis Bay is a natural harbour opening to the Pacific Ocean, in the South Coast Region of NSW. It is popular for recreational fishing, scuba diving and whalewatching. The bay is about 150 km south of Sydney. The nearest city is Nowra, about 40 km to the north.

The Jervis Bay Territory is a territory of the Commonwealth of Australia. It was surrendered by the state of New South Wales to the Commonwealth Government in 1915 so that the Federal capital at Canberra would have access to the sea. This means that parts of the region are in the Australian Capital Territory, although the Point Perpendicular lighthouse is in an enclave of New South Wales within the ACT section of the Beecroft Peninsula.

Jervis Bay Marine Park covers an area of approximately 22,000 hectares and spans over 100km of coastline and adjacent ocean, extending from Kinghorn Point in the north to Sussex Inlet in the south and including most of Jervis Bay. The marine park aims to conserve marine biological diversity and marine habitats, while catering for a broad range of recreational and commercial activities.

Jervis Bay Accommodation

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Cruises and WhaleWatching at Jervis Bay