Political Parties and Groups in Western Australia

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WA Political Parties

“Voices For” and Independent Movements in WA

Independent grassroots groups aiming to bring more independents into parliament. See current groups in Western Australia below.

"Community minded people with a vision for better political representation for the Federal seat of Pearce" AEC: Profile of the electorate of Pearce Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Division_of_Pearce https://twitter.com/VoicesofPearce

 Voices for Western Australia

"Having conversations with local people to support independent politics within the federal seat of Moore (WA)." AEC: Profile of the electorate of Moore Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Division_of_Moore https://twitter.com/VoicesMoore

 Voices for Western Australia

Supporting emergence and development of community groups to engage and participate in positive change within our Australian democracy. https://twitter.com/VoicesForAU

 Voices for Northern Territory, Voices for NSW, Voices for Queensland, Voices for South Australia, Voices for Tasmania, Voices for Victoria, Voices for Western Australia

People in the Durack electorate chatting about -what we love & care about here -values we'd love to see in our political reps, & -the positive future we'd like. AEC: Profile of the electorate of...

 Voices for Western Australia

"This is a grassroots movement that is about doing politics differently. "Voices for Forrest is a brand new community run and led group that aims to engage and promote democratic participation in our electorate to...

 Voices for Western Australia

Lobby Groups, Support Groups etc

  • Save Our Marine Life Less than 1% of Australia's South West marine environment is protected, despite being home to a far greater level of unique species than the Great Barrier Reef.
  • Rottnest Society – An incorporated not-for-profit friends group that devotes it energies to ensuring a future for Rottnest which will allow our children and their children to enjoy many of the same experiences shared by several generations of West Australian holiday makers and other visitors. The Society does this both through hands on activities such as tree planting and weeding, and by scrutinising – and commenting on – management plans, and lobbying for the conservation and restoration of the natural environment and for the preservation of the Rottnest ethos.
  • Amnesty International Volunteers Site
  • Ausflag – An apolitical, non-profit organisation seeking to promote high quality debate about Australia's national symbols.
  • Democrats Abroad in Australia: The Democratic Party organization for U.S. citizens in Australia
  • Green Left Weekly
  • Human Rights Council of Australia
  • Humanist Society of South Australia
  • Independent Dam Safety Monitors – IDSM was formed to raise concerns about the safety issues that relate to dam failure.
  • Insurance Reform Campaign
  • Stop Live Exports (formerly known as People Against Cruelty in Animal Transport – PACAT) – Based in Fremantle.
  • Women's Electoral Lobby (WEL)

Information, Opinion and Ideas

  • Australian Electoral Commission (AEC)
  • AEC Electorate finder
  • ABC Public Record – from the ABC, a guide to the latest issues, events and debates in Australia.
  • australianpolitics.com information and links on politics in Australia
  • IMC Perth Indymedia is a collective of independent media organizations and hundreds of journalists offering grassroots, non-corporate coverage of major protests.
  • Online Opinion is a not-for-profit e-journal based in Brisbane that aims to provide a forum for public social and political debate about current Australian issues. Each month they publish articles intended to stimulate a public discourse on a range of topics.
  • Political Compass – try this online quiz to see where you stand politically. Do you tend toward the Authoritarian Left, Authoritarian Right, Libertarian Left or Libertarian Right?


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