Anniversary Gifts Australia

Anniversary gifts can be one of the most difficult to choose – not only for the friends and family, but sometimes also for partners.

Anniversary gifts for your wife or husband can reinforce or threaten the bond between you. It really is a matter of expectations. If you or your partner have unrealistic expectations, buying gifts can be a minefield.

On the other hand, if you approach it with some humour and kindness, it can remind you why you became, and why you want to remain, a couple. Here are some ideas to make life easier for both of you…

  • Make it the same thing every year – build a re-assuring traditional of your favourite brand of chocolates to share, a hamper containing your favourite wine (tradition plus surprise), or a collection you build with one new item to make each year. This can be the most adaptable option and cope with varying financial conditions throughout the years.
  • Make it a shared experience – buy an experience voucher for a meal, a getaway, and adventure or more.
  • Don't buy anything – make it a day where you give your time or attention. Go for a long walk, make and eat a meal together, do something that sets the day apart so it is one where you relax, talk and reconnect. Give presence rather than presents.

Shop Online For Anniversary Gifts

  • A Little Luxury is one of our favourite gift stores with a wide range of unusual and elegant gifts, homewares and customisable gift baskets. They have something for all tastes, including…
  • Caricature King – unique gifts made from a photo of the happy couple. Digital caricatures from under $50, poster print or print and framing options.
  • CoolThings is all about the latest cool gadgets, gizmos and gifts that make you say “That's Cool.” See some light-hearted novelty gifts in Cool Gifts for lovers
  • Edible Blooms – have an amazing range of chocolate bouquets, fruit bouquets, alphabet cakes, and hampers. Delivery all around Australia, express delivery to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide Inner Metro.

1 – The traditional 1st anniversary gift is paper and the modern gift is the clock.

5 – For 5th wedding anniversaries, the traditional gift is wood and the modern gift is silverware.

10 – The traditional gift to make your decade together is tin and the modern gift is diamond. You don't have to stick to these ideas but if you do, be creative – it doesn't have to be a real diamond – it could be a diamond-shaped tin of biscuits.

15 – The traditional 15th anniversary gift is crystal and the modern gift is the watch.

20 – The traditional 20th anniversary gift is china and the modern gift is platinum.

25 – Both the traditional and modern 25th anniversary gifts are silver.

30 – The traditional 30th anniversary gift is pearl and the modern gift is diamond.

35 – The traditional 35th anniversary gift is coral and the modern gift is jade.

40 – Ruby is both the traditional and modern gift for 40th wedding anniversaries.

45 – Sapphire is both the traditional and modern gift for 45th wedding anniversaries.

50 – Gold is the traditional and modern gift for 50th wedding anniversaries.

55 – Emerald is the traditional and modern gift for 55th wedding anniversaries.

60 – Both the traditional and modern 60th anniversary gifts are diamond.

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