Sustainable Enterprise

Sustainable Enterprises Perth & WA

Remida Creative Reuse Centre – The centre collects off cuts for industry and makes them available to the community for a small membership fee. They also provide workshops that encourage looking at waste as a valuable resource. Ask for your free link here… Read More

Sustainable Enterprises Brisbane

Brisbane Tool Library – promotes a sharing and circular economy and aims to reduce overconsumption by decreasing the purchase of infrequently used items by encouraging borrowing rather than buying tools. BRISlets – (Brisbane Local Energy Trading System) trade your skills and products… Read More

Sustainable Australia-wide Enterprises and Organisations

Compost Revolution – Australia-wide. Get a discounted worm farm, compost or bokashi bin delivered to your home by your council and turn your food scraps into liquid fertiliser and rich soil. Website includes a tutorial and quiz. REDcycle – search for your local collection point for soft plastics, including bubble wrap and old green shopping bags… Read More