Whale Watching

Whale Watching Tours in Perth and Western Australia

Whale Watching season in Perth is from early September to mid November.

Hervey Bay Cruises and Whale Watching

Annual whale watching season is from August to November with the Hervey Bay Whale Festival held in August. Hervey Bay is 300km north of Brisbane… Read More

Gold Coast Whale Watching Tours

Whale watching season on the Gold Coast is from early June to late October… Read More

Brisbane Dolphin and Whale Watching Cruises Queensland Australia

Whale watching season along the Queensland coast is from June to late October. Book early so you don’t miss out.

Sydney Whale Watching Cruises and Tours

Whale watching season in Sydney is from late May to early December. From May to early December Humpback and other whale species swim past Sydney as they migrate along the east coast of Australia, heading north to mate and give birth, and then return south to their summer feeding grounds in Antarctica… Read More