Connecting Biodiversity and Community


Protecting and nurturing biodiverse ecosystems is the best way we can tackle the effects of climate change. We can all participate at some level – individual, community, city, state, national and international. And that takes community.


Strong communities are also ecosystems with lots of interconnecting networks. We can bring together diverse perspectives, skills, resources to collaborate on making life better for people and planet. Linking and leveraging is how we make it happen.

Link and Leverage

Links between people are how we build connections and creative collaborations where we can do much more together than any of us could do alone. The internet provides a means of linking and connecting outside our social and professional silos. Leveraging is a skill and habit we can build.

Events add connection and momentum

See what’s on around Australia in January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November and December. You can also add your own events for community, environmental, non-profit and cultural groups and organisations free. Events can include awareness days/weeks and online events.

Holidays are marked on the monthly pages but there is also a page where you can find links to official government pages for all School and Public Holidays.

Community Directory

New in 2024! See our growing directory of organisations and initiatives that share the goals of creating a more sustainable world and add your own.

Economy and Business

This is also a part of creating a sustainable future. The businesses we create, the work we do, and the choices we make as consumers are all part of that.

Small changes like online shopping with Australian retailers and taking holidays locally make a difference.