Add Your Event to the BCL What’s On Pages

While we include school holidays, public holidays and some major events on the What’s On pages of each state, we encourage you to add your own events by posting them on our forum. The title and brief details of your event will then automatically appear on the related “What’s On” page and interested readers can follow the link direct to your post.

By posting your events direct to the forums you will have control over your listings and be able to promote your organisation much more effectively. You can…

  1. Add events and have them appear immediately. (First post is moderated.)
  2. Include more text, formatting, links and photos.
  3. Edit your own events
  4. Have your signature and logo appear against your events.
  5. Receive and answer questions publicly or through private messaging.
  6. Lead interested readers on to your website.
  7. Add reviews and updates after the event
  8. Promote your events even if you don’t have a website

So, if you post on the forum like this…


your event will also appear here…


Sydney What’s On in June

It’s free for non-profits, community events, arts events, awareness days etc.

You need to register and/or login to the forum to post events. Your first post is moderated to keep out all the spam but once your first event has been accepted, your posts will go online immediately.  There may be a slight delay –  up to an hour – before the event appears on the What’s On page.

Simply go to the forum for the location and month of your event and start a new thread.

How to get your message across well.

Whether people read about your event, and come along, depends a lot on how you post. Before posting, look through other events and see what seems to work well.

  • Think about the title – give meaningful information like when, where, what.
  • Include dates – including the year.
  • In your message expand on that and give full details. You can include links and images.
  • Provide a means of contact if people have questions – link to your website, give a phone number and/or suggest that they PM (send a private message) or email you through the forum. It is not a good idea to post your email address on a public forum – you could get lots of spam if you do.
  • Good spelling and punctuation gives a good impression.
  • Check your listing and edit it to correct any mistakes. You will see an “edit” link at the bottom right of your own posts – if you are logged in.

To add your event, go to the BCL Forums – register or log in, find your forum, and post your events now.

What events are allowed?

Most events are allowed including the following.

    • Community events, festivals, fun runs, fetes, etc
    • Information sessions eg public talks, political “meet the candidate” events, health and consumer information, community group meetings
    • Plays, concerts, art openings and exhibitions
    • Political rallies
    • Open days, awareness days/weeks/months

Conferences, Tradeshows and exhibitions

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