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Request a listing in BCL

Free listings in the BCL Community pages are available for most non-profit groups, arts organisations, clubs, schools and community groups. Addition to these and other pages will be at our discretion.

For events…

If you want to promote an event, expo, awareness day or anything date-related, please register and post your event on the BCL events forum which feeds into the What’s On pages for each state. The forum is a self-serve system and therefore much, much faster. You do not have to have a listing here in order to promote your event on the forum.

For static listings only…

Please use the form below to submit your details, ensuring that you include contact details so that we can verify the information if necessary. All entries are checked and edited before inclusion. The publishers of BCL reserve the right to decide which entries and details appear.

We prefer to link to top level domains as they change less frequently. If you don’t have a website, you can register on our forum and add your details to your profile and use that as the link to your site.

This form below is for only submitting the website of your organisation to be added to our community information pages. All submissions are checked and there can be a delay.

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