Australiana Products and Australian Souvenirs

Australiana products and souvenirs to remind you of places you’ve visited or lived. Great gifts for Aussie expats.

  • AFL! AFL Footy  Shop has lots of clothing, balls, accessories and other products for AFL fans. You’ll find Official AFL Merchandise Products for all 18 teams.
  • Australian Native T-Shirts t-shirts, gifts and novelties – most with an Australian theme. Based in NSW, ships worldwide. Prices are initially shown in US$ and exclude GST but you can change currency and include GST to calculate the price for Australian sales. They also have
    • Australian animal plush toys fluffy native animal plush toys including the ever popular kangaroo and koala toys, plush toy wombats, stuffed toy platypus and stuffed crocodile toys
    • Reptiles and Amphibians t-shirts with crocodiles, frogs, lizards and dinosaurs…
  • See ThemesForParties – Aussie Icon Party Ideas for costumes, decorations and activity ideas for an Australian themed-party.

Some Australiana products…