Housewarming Gifts Australia

Ideas for housewarming presents from Australia's leading online retailers.

The type and price of gift you give to celebrate someone's first, or latest, home depends on your relationship with them, whether they need homewares and equipment for their new home, or they are more established and already have everything they need.

For those who have most of the useful stuff, a use-now gift like a celebratory champagne hamper or a fun gadget gift may make more of an impact. They're also safer gifts if you're not sure that you share the same taste.

  • A Little Luxury is one of our favourite gift stores with a wide range of unusual and elegant gifts, homewares and customisable gift baskets. Most products are available for immediate delivery and product availability is shown at the bottom of the product description. Based in Sydney, delivery Australia-wide. (shop details) See their suggestions for…
    • Quality products for a modern kitchen, including knives, bowls, cutlery, cheese boards, baking dishes and more. Brands include Laguiole, Bohemia Crystal, Royal Doulton
    • Wine & Alcohol Gifts – Little Luxury have an extensive wine list. All wines can be purchased on their own, as part of hampers or combined with glassware and other gifts.