Wedding Gifts Australia

We all have a wishlist of luxury and decorative items that we would like to own but tend not to buy for ourselves. Here are a few suggestions of wedding gifts for the happy couple:

  • Kitchenware – The practical can be special too. They will probably have the basics, but if they’re foodies, they’ll appreciate some less common kitchenware like garlic crushers, nutcrackers, fruit peelers, and cheese knife sets.
  • Decor – Help them decorate their home with framed prints and artwork, throw rugs, or lamps. When it comes to prints and artwork, choose their favourite artist or style. Romantic prints featuring couples can also be good. For photographs, think of their favourite city or one that has special meaning to them. For other decor, go with their favourite colours, something that will suit their existing colour scheme, or play it safe and get something neutral.
  • Keepsakes and mementos – These treasures don’t have to be expensive paperweights. Many luxury keepsakes and mementos can also be used on special occasions and some as every day items.
  • Wine & Bar Accessories – There are plenty of top-shelf wines you can buy as singles, twin packs, or gift packs. If they’re wine connoisseurs, you might feel a bit intimidated picking out a bottle – instead, choose luxury bar accessories like glassware, decanters, or wine racks.

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