Weather & Climate Change

Weather Information and Forecasts

  • The Australian Bureau of Meteorology site is the best and primary source of weather information and forecasts in Australia. As well as weather reports and forecasts they provide credible information on climate.
  • provides information and webinars on climate outlook, drought, pasture growth and climate change risk.

Climate Change

Most people who have any connection to the earth accept that climate change is real and is a threat. Unfortunately in Australia we have a small number with powerful vested interests who deny the obvious.

  • State of the Climate The Bureau of Meteorology and CSIRO contribute to the international effort of weather and climate monitoring, forecasting and research. In State of the Climate, they discuss the long-term trends in Australia’s climate.
  • Climate Change Council provides independent and accurate information about climate change, from the experts. The Climate Council is a non-profit organisation and is powered by community donations.
  • ClimateWatch was developed to understand the effects climate change is having on our earth’s natural processes. The first project of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere, ClimateWatch will allow every Australian to be involved in collecting and recording data that will help shape the country’s scientific response to climate change.

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